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Today, educational institutions face enormous challenges to develop learners who will thrive in the fast-paced and knowledge-intensive digital economy that awaits them. THESA2017 will examine global trends and important developments in education that challenges the adequacy, relevance and effectiveness of the mainstream educational approaches

THESA examines trends and important developments in six key areas of education:

Holistic education is on top of many nations’ education agenda, including Malaysia. In reference to the recently published Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015 – 2025, the Malaysian Ministry of Education have prioritized the development of “Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates” as one of nine key initiatives. They envision developing well-rounded graduates with both character and knowledge by elevating values-driven, entrepreneurial learning. This will be done through an enhanced curriculum, expanded industry collaboration and experiential learning programmes, as well as a new integrated assessment that looks at the holistic development of graduates.

THESA2017 is a full three-day event and will bring together world class speakers, thought leaders, educators and recognised practitioners to discuss the direction of the education industry and explore leading pedagogical practices and emerging educational technologies that will make a significant impact on education around the world. The speakers will bring together a wide variety of inspiring presentations, innovative case studies and interactive workshops, suitable for all levels of education (K-12 to tertiary) and educational leadership roles (school leaders, educators and researchers). Additionally, industry experts will also share expectations and learning moments on the new norm in the workplace and the requisites for a successful 21st Century knowledge worker.

THESA2017 provides abundant opportunities to connect, learn and collaborate with fellow professionals in education, such as principals, practitioners, teachers, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders. THESA2017 encourages delegates to have a constructive discourse to learn, re-learn and unlearn and apply what is useful, needed and purposeful in our learning communities. The key message that will resonate throughout THESA2017 is that our learning journey must be life-long, life-wide and all encompassing. It must also be life-deep with purpose, attitude and service.

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