The venue host for THESA2017 is Taylor's University under the Taylor’s Education Group brand. Taylor's Education Group is a strong advocate of the holistic education experience. In our various roles, be it as school leaders, educators or administrators, the Taylor’s Education Group’s purpose statement guides us all: “To educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community”.  It is the philosophy of holistic education that underpins this purpose statement.

At Taylor’s University, our mandate for academic excellence is driven by the need to make a difference. Universities function as a leveler of society; a foundation builder in the ethos of life-long learning in communities by creating productive citizens through the advancement of knowledge. Leveraging on our tradition and track record of excellence, we are committed to develop well-rounded, sought-after leaders of the future, who are equipped with the capabilities to leave their indelible thumbprint in the world. The University’s active stance to develop informed and progressive graduates is echoed by our academic faculty. The number of highly successful Taylor’s alumni who have set national and global benchmarks in various industries stands testament to this.

For more information, visit taylors.edu.my

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